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2017 Mets Draft Class Autographs

Easy as 1-2-3

Full list of 2017 Mets draft picks

When you don’t pick until late in the first round, most of the intriguing names will be off the board by the time it’s your turn. Despite several forfeited picks ahead of them, the Mets had to wait to the 20th pick to start their 2017 draft due to a strong 2016. That probably won’t be a problem next year… And so I know nothing about first round pick David Peterson other than his assortment of autographs and memorabilia in various Panini products. Mark Vientos followed in round 2 with autographs and memorabilia from Panini and Leaf and then Quinn Brodey went in round 3 with autographs from Leaf (from 4 years ago). And that’s about it for this draft class. The Mets would go on to sign all three plus 29 of their other 37 picks, but that didn’t include the only other two picks with autographs at the time of the draft, CJ Van Eyk and Jake Eder.

1 David Peterson 2 Mark Vientos 3 Quinn Brodey 4 Tony DiBrell
5 Matt Winaker 6 Marcel Renteria 19 CJ Van Eyk (DNS) 34 Jake Eder (DNS)

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