Team New York Mets
Material Uniform
Type Pinstripe
Style Recessed Mesh Printed Zigzag (Narrow)
Color Blue Stripe on White Fabric
Stripe Width 3/32″
Stripe Spacing 1″
Years Used 2009-

Like most MLB teams, the Mets have switched to the style of fabric first seen in All-Star Workout Jerseys back in 2003 (I call it recessed mesh, it is most likely the main material in Cool Base jerseys, but I have yet to obtain a jersey to analyze).  As with other jerseys made from this material, there are two side panels on each side made from a pinhole mesh material.  For this jersey, the side panels are plain white with no stripes; they are therefore boring and not eligible for further coverage.  The color changed to cream in 2010 and ivory in 2011 to better match the color of the 1960s flannel jerseys. All base fabric color variants will be collected here.

Carlos Beltran Zack Wheeler Scott Rice Juan Lagares

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