Team New York Mets
Material Uniform
Type Pinstripe
Style Double Knit Sewn-In Zigzag (Wide)
Color Blue Stripe on White Fabric
Stripe Width 1/8″
Stripe Spacing
Years Used Late 1970s – 1990s

By the late 1970s, an update to the original sewn-in pinstripes began making the rounds in MLB. This version was wider and sharper than the original. Like the corresponding printed version, this stripe was used in several different uniforms from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Fun Fact: Only the New York Yankees continue to use this style of pinstripe (all other teams with pinstripe uniforms have switched to one of several different printed pinstripes). Joe Torre first wore this style of pinstripe as a player and later manager for the New York Mets. He had better luck in black stripes.

Gary Carter David Cone Dwight Gooden Ray Knight
Eddie Murray Mike Piazza Tom Seaver Joe Torre

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