Mets JCRO 63
Team New York Mets
Material Uniform
Type Color
Style Pique
Color Orange
Years Used 2003-?

When MLB started using standardized batting practice jerseys in 2003, the Mets moved their lesser color to the forefront and created these orange jerseys. Oddly, the orange fabric was paired with a patch set similar to the one used on the black home jersey, resulting in a look that may be one of the worst in Mets history. While Mets fans may mock the orange jerseys the Marlins debuted in 2012, deep down we are thinking of the horror we were faced with in 2003. This era of Mets history is commemorated with five jersey cards released in 2003 and 2004. Never forget.

A similar orange material made its return to the field in 2013 in the form of that year’s Los Mets jersey.  Zack Wheeler was the first Met to have pieces of this jersey embedded in cards.

Heath Bell Jeremy Griffiths Mike Piazza Jose Reyes
Phil Seibel Tom Glavine David Wright Zack Wheeler

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