Team New York Mets
Material Uniform
Type Pinstripe
Style Flannel Sewn-In Straight (Narrow)
Color Blue Stripe on White Fabric
Stripe Width 1/16″
Stripe Spacing 1″
Years Used 1962-1971

When the Mets debuted in 1962, their most distinctive uniform was their blue pinstripe home uniform. Like the nearby Yankees (and many teams in MLB in the post-war era), the Mets used white/beige flannel uniforms with a three stitch wide sewn-in stripe (pinstripe uniforms earlier in the century used a six stitch wide stripe and some teams had a road pinstripe uniform on gray flannel). These uniforms were used until the switch to double knit fabric for the 1972 season.

Fun Fact: Nolan Ryan was traded to the Angels before the 1972 season, guaranteeing that any piece of double knit fabric is not from one of his Mets uniforms.

Yogi Berra Nolan Ryan Tom Seaver Casey Stengel

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