Team New York Mets
Material Uniform
Type Pinstripe
Style Double Knit Printed Zigzag (Narrow)
Color Blue Stripe on White Fabric
Stripe Width 3/32″
Stripe Spacing 1″
Years Used 2000s

And here we have the big one. After the uniform debacle that was the 1990s, the Mets standardized on a new style of pinstripe, a narrow version of the printed zigzag. The same style has been used by the Padres and the Brewers, though they have likely discontinued its use, leaving the Mets as the only team with a printed zigzag stripe (the Yankees still use a sewn-in version and all other teams have switched to straight printed stripes). The introduction of this stripe coincided with the game-used boom, so it’s not surprising to see more than two dozen players represented here (well, except for Eddie Murray, what’s up with that?). It should be noted that the Heilman piece is from a jersey worn during a photo shoot, not an actual game; Heilman does not seem to have any MLB-used items, only this and a minor league jersey.

The Mets discontinued this uniform sometime at the end of the decade, when they switched to a more classic look with the same type of stripe on a polyester pique material.

Great, Topps released jersey pieces from Gary Carter with this style of pinstripe in 2012 Topps Museum Collection.  I give up, this stripe transcends time.

I have included the more recent ivory/cream pinstripe jersey (well, pants actually) here because the difference between white and cream is negligible up close. And because it would cause problems for my classification system…

Edgardo Alfonzo Roberto Alomar Carlos Beltran Jeromy Burnitz
Gary Carter Carlos Delgado Tom Glavine Aaron Heilman
Rickey Henderson Richard Hidalgo Satoru Komiyama Dae-Sung Koo
Al Leiter John Maine Pedro Martinez Kaz Matsui
Lastings Milledge Eddie Murray Rey Ordonez Mike Piazza
Jose Reyes Johan Santana Tsuyoshi Shinjo Mo Vaughn
Robin Ventura Billy Wagner David Wright R.A. Dickey

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